Surrogacy & Parenting

Surrogacy and Parenting law is an evolving area in the United Kingdom and across the globe. We have local and international experience in advising straight and gay couples, on the complexities of fertility and parenting law, as well as international surrogacy arrangements.

We help to create families by providing surrogacy, parenting, and immigration law advice on an international scale. We provide assistance with securing legal status, guidance on international procedures, and help with managing the surrogacy process.

With our multi-jurisdictional practice and international network of associates, we advise and assist clients with:

  • Entering into surrogacy agreements and their enforceability*
  • Advising on issues of immigration, entry clearance, citizenship
  • Providing guidance on legal parenthood for the child following birth
  • Drafting parental order applications and providing court representation at hearings
  • Advising surrogates of their legal status in relation to the child
  • Assisting with language barriers and accommodation for international cases
  • Liaising with foreign lawyers for dealing with domestic matters, i.e. FRRO clearance.

*In the UK, Clients should note that the Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 specifically prohibits the negotiation of surrogacy arrangements for profit.

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