How London Immigration Solicitors Can Help You Out of the Visa Rubble


Posted by Mona Chawla

BBC News reports that a UK family immigration rule that sets a threshold for British citizens sponsoring UK visas of spouses from other countries has been challenged by three claimants.

The policy states that only British citizens who earn at least €18,600 annually are allowed to sponsor UK visas for their non-European spouses. For the claimants, the policy discriminates and interferes with Article 8 of the Human Rights Act that upholds the right of an individual to a private and family life. A High Court judge commented that striking down the rule would be inappropriate, but that an amendment should be considered depending on the secretary of state.

An immigration case like this can be difficult to deal with, especially as it involves a somewhat draconian policy. Trusted immigration solicitors in London, however, such as the Clarus Law Group can give British citizens and their non-European spouses the assistance needed to handle tough family immigration matters.

Immigration lawyers in London offer a wide range of services combined with a friendly and compassionate approach. With their assistance, non-European individuals can get the comprehensive service they need concerning immigration legalities, especially in obtaining UK Visas.

A good immigration lawyer can help an individual go through the entire immigration application process, including helping clients understand what needs to be accomplished and decide on the right courses of action at every step. As someone who understands immigration law inside and out, an effective immigration lawyer can also assist in preparing all the necessary legal documents and keep a client up-to-date with changes in the law that could hamper or benefit a certain case.

Unrelenting competence to handle different scenarios is what makes an immigration lawyer stand out. He or she is always ready to make quick decisions and give the right advice to clients for a successful outcome. With vast knowledge in dealing with family visit visas, partner visas and other related matters, immigration lawyers are more than capable of meeting individual needs using the most cost-effective solutions.

Immigration cases may take time to be resolved, but a competent solicitor can help a case move forward smoothly.