London Immigration Solicitors in Demand as Immigration Remains an Issue


Posted by Clarus Law Group

In a July 2013 article by the Financial Times, the UK government is split whether or not the latest anti-illegal immigrants poster campaign in London was the best course of action to take. Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats party said that the campaign sends the message that the immigration problem in the country is widespread. He admits that while the problem does exist, it is not as vast as what the posters seem to imply. However, 57 percent of respondents in a May 2013 survey said that illegal immigration is indeed one of their main worries, so the government may have had the right motivation to address the matter through the poster campaign.

While the UK has always benefited from foreign trade and investments, cases of illegal immigrants have risen over the years as well. Reliable immigration solicitors from London like Clarus Law Group are needed now more than ever since the government itself admits that the official migration figures are "little better than a best guess"-nobody really knows how many people are coming in and out of the UK. Finding people who are legally allowed to visit and/or stay in the country and offering them help is thus crucial to help quell this problem.

An immigration solicitor can contribute by helping immigrants obtain the right visas, handle the paperwork when moving businesses into the country, or apply for asylum. Should the immigration status of their clients be questioned by the government, a solicitor can help (or at least find help) to fight any case against them. The poster campaign in London is the latest to receive flak from citizens and officials alike, with one minister calling it "stupid and offensive" to legal immigrants in the country.

The UK currently uses a tier-system (dubbed "Tier 12345") for handing out visas to foreigners, with each tier corresponding to the applicant's purpose for visiting. Tier 1 and 2 are reserved for those people who wish to reside permanently in the country while those with Tier 3 visas and lower are required to have sponsorship (either from a British company or the government itself) before they can stay. The system is solid, although varying political opinions about the matter have negatively affected visa applications from foreigners.

For instance, one study speaks of a 32 percent reduction of first-year students coming to the UK from India. Business immigration solicitors in London are also concerned that the current political climate about immigration can deter Chinese businesspeople and tourists from visiting the country. However, the government is doing what it can to find a balance in solving the immigration problem and maintaining healthy relations with the country's trading partners.

At the moment, everyone is still welcome to visit the UK, but they are encouraged to go through the proper channels when applying for visas. Working with Clarus Law Group is just one of them.